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KÖMMERLING continued to offer innovative products to its customers: in 1957 it transformed the roller shutter industry with the presentation of the first uPVC roller shutter. Just 10 years later, in 1967 KÖMMERLING introduced window profiles made of modified high impact uPVC.Read more...


The start of a whole new era in window manufacture

Greenline is a lead-free stabiliser incuded In our PVC-U formula to provide high-quality window profiles that meet tomorrow’s environmental standards today. By choosing this advanced generation of PVC-U windows, you have also chosen to support a more environmentally friendly and sustainable material.

Due to its excellent properties, PVC-U is widely recognised as one of the best and most fit-for-purpose materials for windows and doors. Now greenline adds benefits to every stage of its life cycle, making your decision to use PVC-U windows and doors even easier.

Stabilised with greenline, the KÖMMERLING PVC-U windows become even more environmentally friendly. They contribute to protecting our climate, due to the well-recognised heat insulation properties of PVC-U. greenline also stands for sustainability, a feature that benefits everyone, manufacture, architect and enduser alike, at no extra cost. In addition,it provides low maintenance, extreme durability – all coming together to offer great value for money. The KÖMMERLING window coming together to offer great value for money. The KÖMMERLING window profiles are top of the range wheather and UV radiation resistance. Their surface will keep its brilliant shine and smoothness for many years to come.

  • Greenline is environ-mentally friendly.
  • Greenline is cost efficient.
  • Greenline enhances performance.