Professional German Windows & Doors System

KÖMMERLING continued to offer innovative products to its customers: in 1957 it transformed the roller shutter industry with the presentation of the first uPVC roller shutter. Just 10 years later, in 1967 KÖMMERLING introduced window profiles made of modified high impact uPVC.

Today KÖMMERLING is part of the international profile group of companies. Representing one of the leading European manufactures of uPVC window and door profile systems, with many years of experience, KÖMMERLING continues to be an industry leader worldwide. The company’s headquarters are in Pirmasens. In addition, KÖMMERLING profiles are extruded in five other manufacturing plants, in France, Italy, Spain, USA, China and in the near future also in India. KÖMMERLING products are available worldwide through sales offices on all continents.

Quality is of high importance. KÖMMERLING’s quality control systems were certified e.g. by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and the German Technical Inspectorate. KÖMMERLING’s expertise in quality assurance, inspection and testing has been the deciding factor for the creation of an approved inspection and testing facility within the company premises. This <> (Testing Institute for Building Elements) was certified in accordance with ISO 45001 and ISO 9002 of the German Institute for Accreditation and Testing (DAP).

Its diverse spectrum of profile systems provides the basis for the invention of innovative and unique solutions. The KÖMMERLING systems open up an almost infinite range of design possibilities, whether large-scale fenestration elements, facades or standard windows are concerned.